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“It might just turn the world around for the better.”

2020 has already proven to be a remarkable year (can you believe it's only March?) and, should you find yourself spending a little more time at home this week, you'll be happy to know that this edition of the BRIEF is loaded with interesting links for your reading pleasure.

We know it's easy to feel overwhelmed by recent news, but it's important to remember that times of turmoil can also be moments when real change is possible. Trend forecaster Li Edelkoort thinks coronavirus may move us to slow our consumption and to consider how we can produce goods locally.

“We need to find new values—values of simple experience, of friendship,” she says. “It might just turn the world around for the better.”

In that spirit, we're dedicating this issue to someone who was working to make the world a little better and who passed away suddenly last week: Ayip Budiman was everyone's friend, full of warmth and creative energy. A tireless promoter of Balinese arts, Ayip gave his time to so many of Southeast Asia's design communities and collectives. Making connections between people takes real work, and his example is a reminder that generosity and openness are the key to growing a community of positive change.

Lauren experienced this kind of positive energy while reconnecting with designers, artisans, thinkers, and activists recently in Chiang Mai, Thailand and at TEXTO in Mexico City in February. As a reminder, we've created a free online message board where you can share your projects, ask questions, and connect with others who care about thoughtful, ethical design. And as always, we welcome you to reach out to us if you're interested in collaborating or need some help with your project.

Wishing you well, Justin and Lauren



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