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Greetings from Joshua Tree!

Just back from a few days of shooting photos in California desert and, wow, I'm still thinking about this sunset. 🙌

Our emotional connections with nature can be incredibly rich and, in the run-up to launching our new consulting and advisory services, Lauren and I have been talking quite a bit about how our primal feelings for the natural world might shape the future of design. Case in point: Recent fires in the Amazon started by Brazilian ranchers have not only stirred a global environmental outcry, but deeper reflections on how the consumer appetite for beef and leather goods fanned those flames. The voices of indigenous peoples, whose land and cultures are threatened by the escalating, man-made disaster of unchecked development, are also starting to be considered — which is fortunate for all of us since, you know, they have centuries of experience in how to use botanical materials to manufacture things in non-destructive ways.

We know it's easy to tune out the news when you see how much more still needs to be done, so Lauren added some links below in the Recommended Resources section for people interested in positive ways they can engage on the Amazon fires. Hope you enjoy this issue and hit "Reply" to this email if you'd like to let us know what you think!



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As promised, here are some links that Lauren collected for people who want to learn/do more about the fires in the Amazon Basin:


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